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levergates is set to revolutionize the construction sector in Nigeria. Our expectation is to democratize the real estate sector by providing opportunity for everyone to own a house in Nigeria.

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Our hybrid platform allows subscribers to peacefully and gracefully plan their construction through our proprietory strategy of building material accumulation. We are passionate to shorten the gap between the producers, suppliers, contractors and clients. Our hybrid of online and offline platforms will be a one stop spot for every stakeholder in the construction sector.

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 We engage in the selling of many construction materials and also provide allied construction support services to our numerous clients. We display and provide quality and affordable building materials to our clients. Some of our products includes but not limited to; cements, gates, rods, tiles, etc. We help busy businessmen and working professional who are constrained by time to supervise their building projects. Our international clients are not left behind. Nigerians in the diaspora that wish to build houses in Nigeria can now purchase quality materials needed for their construction on our platform and we handle their construction or we keep the materials for them till they are ready to build.

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