Check out our different material schedule for various building plans comprising

(cement, reinforcement and aggregates)

Plan A cost Evaluation

  1. All rooms in all the bungalows 3.60m × 3.60m. That is 12ft by 12ft with attached toilet & bathroom, balcony, kitchen & lobby.
  2. The sitting rooms are 5.20m × 4.20m. I.e 17ft × 14ft with dinning.
  3. 3.the lintels in all the bungalows were “CONTINUOUS/CHAINED LINTEL, going through the block girth.
  4. Floor bed(German) floor are 150mm thick I.e half ft.
  5. All the bungalows have FRAMES I.e column(pillar) and beams.
  6. 1:3:6 concrete means concrete placed in places where there aren’t reinforcements (rods) I.e concrete in foundation, floor bed (German floor), blinding.
  7. 1:2:4 means concrete placed in place where rods are.such as concrete in lintels, columns, beams, column bases and column starter.

Material Schedule A

Plan B cost Evaluation

Plan B is similar to plan A ,but differs in the following ways.
1. All the rooms don’t have attached toilets & bathroom apart from only master bedroom and one other toilet for the rest rooms. This only applies to 5 bedroom, 4 bedroom & 3 bedroom bungalows only.
While the rest bungalows have only one toilet & bathroom.
2.lintels in this category are not continuous, it is only placed at windows, doors & other openings.
3. Floor bed(German floor) are 100mm thick.
4. Frames were applied to 5,4 & 3 bedroom bungalows, because they have few bearing loads

Material Schedule B