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Housing is one of the primary needs of man. Everybody wants to have at least a house to call their own in their lifetime and that is a good dream. But in an attempt to build or purchase our own houses, people have suffered business setbacks as a result of taking huge sums of money out of their businesses and most times such businesses never recover.

Most times intending builders start by buying cement and sand, which is then used to mold blocks on the building site, hoping that other building material like rods, more cement etc. will be purchased as the finances becomes available and as the building progresses.

But often times things does not go as planned. Some people suffer business setbacks; some others lose their jobs and are unable to continue with the building project. After a long time, these packed blocks are unfit to be used as a result of years of being exposed to harsh weather conditions, others who dump sands lose them to floods, theft etc. Many people have started building without considering the cost implications, and this has led to the increasing number of uncompleted buildings in our towns and villages. This uncompleted buildings apart from making our environment less beatific also serves as hide out for criminals most times.


We came up with an idea to have a platform where Nigerians will have a flexible means of purchasing building materials in such a way that their businesses will not be greatly affected by their building projects. Essentially this platform will help our customers to plan the purchase of items needed to build. It is going to be an online store which deals mainly on building materials, and household items like cements, rods, roofing sheets, doors, gates, windows, toilet sittings, bathtubs etc. This is to make it possible for Nigerians home and abroad to be able to accumulate all they need for the building before starting up the building project. This platform will offer numerous services. Our architects on our customers’ request will first create each customer’s dream house and it will be visible to the said customer. We shall work in partnership with several other professionals in the building profession to help our customers estimate the cost of achieving their dream houses for proper planning. But people can just buy any item they need in the store if they don’t want the accumulation aspect. Basically we help our customers build online before starting the physical building.

For Nigerians abroad and overseas there couldn’t have been a better news pertaining to owning their own houses back home than the coming of Levergates. We have different functional and transparent options that could help our customers in diaspora raise a house they can call their own while still residing outside the shores of Nigeria. First, such international clients can decide to use the accumulation package where they will gradually accumulate all they need for the building project over time and they can follow the growth of their accumulation in real-time simply by logging into their accounts with Levergates irrespective of where they are based. For those who are well prepared at once, Levergates can serve as an online/offline contractor on ground to help in the purchase of land, survey, buying of all building materials and raising the building from start to finish. In this case it does not matter whether you have any friend or family member you can trust back home. Simply put, with Levergates, no Nigerian can lose any kobo in his or her quest to own a house.


1) The store will have on display various building materials and their prices from the various importers and manufacturers who will be our partners in major cities and towns. But because our major aim is to make the payment system flexible, we will have various payment plans to purchase each item, i.e. 3 months plan, 6 months etc. For some items such as cement, we will reach an agreement with them to peg their price per month. For instance, we can quote the price at 2,500 naira for a month and at the end of each month, every customer that pays for cement will be able to know the number of cement he has been able to accumulate for that month and there will be a review of prices per month.

2) We want all our customers to have their own page on the website that can be accessed by a password or code known to our customer. This page will contain d customer’s profile and a picture of the items that the he or she is interested in purchasing. We can even upload a picture of their dream houses that will be drawn by our architects. This will be on display anytime the customer accesses his or her page.