Housing is one of the basic needs of man and everyone has a dream of one day having a house he can call his own. In fact, for most people it has become an obsession for them to own a house since in some circles and regions of the country, one is considered a failure for not being able to own a house at a certain stage in one’s life and career.Such obsession that results from supposedly unbearable pressure has led many into growing unstable businesses to satisfy the desire to own a house. At the end such businesses suffer unrecoverable or major setbacks and in most cases the houses are not even completed, and that brings the individual back to square one as he can neither boast of owning a house nor having a viable business. Business setbacks, loss of one’s job and other challenges are some of the factors responsible for the increased number of uncompleted buildings in our towns and villages. These uncompleted buildings have not only become a nuisance to the environment, they equally serve as hideouts for criminals most times.

Others even borrow huge sums of money from financial institutions and at the end they are not able to pay back seeing that the house has only become a liability rather than an asset. Also in many instances, you hear cases of Nigerians in Diaspora who send thousands of dollars to their relatives in Nigeria to help them erect a building they can call their own, only for them to come back and realise to their shock that not even a single block has been bought in their name.

The vision was born out of the passion to solve the following identified needs in Nigeria:

  • To help most Nigerians own befitting houses of their own without applying so much pressure on their businesses.
  • To help low income earners as well as the middle class own their own houses as they take advantage of our accumulation package.
  • To provide a one stop online platform for quality building materials and safe busy professionals the stress of visiting the market repeatedly.
  • To help Nigerians in diaspora to own a house in Nigeria without losing money
  • To provide quality building materials through our online/offline stores


To become the number one online/offline destination for all building materials and related services in Africa.

To be an organization that is committed to indigenous and innovative solutions to our customers needs.